iDepartments currently has many powerful business-building services you can take advantage of immediately.  All pricing is provided for each service under the “Your Instant Departments” link above in the main menu. We’ve made our pricing affordable enough for the 1-person business – yet powerful enough for the industry leader!

Why is iDepartments pricing so affordable? Why not? The answer is this: we are not profit driven but purpose driven and have declared war on small business failure. We are removing the barriers to sustainable small business growth and success:. One of those barriers is operating expenses. By making the things that kill small businesses affordable, we are giving small businesses a chance to thrive.

We are coming to the completion of the iDepartments’ Instant Business Platform (IBP) which is currently in beta.  If you would like to be a beta tester of iDepartments’ IBP, you can sign up here immediately. It’s absolutely free!