French company Zenchef, which offers an all-in-one marketing solution for restaurants, has taken on the challenge of uniting thousands of European eateries on one platform. With 2,500 customers in France, Spain, and the UK, and plans to expand to Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Turkey in 2016, co-founder and CEO Xavier Zeitoun and his team are quickly becoming the continent’s dominant force for restaurant services. Early next year, the company, previously known as 1001menus, will launch an app marketplace dedicated solely to restaurant services.

Today, Zenchef announced a 6M euro funding round. Zeitoun spoke with Street Fight about how the company manages international expansion and the rise of competitors around the world.

Zenchef started as something completely different. Can you talk about the evolution of the company and what changed its trajectory?
When we started almost five years ago, we were an online directory for restaurant menus, but we completely failed after a few months

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Source: Street Fight