Too many in our society are sick and unhealthy because we neglect an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.  After her husband lost his mother to diabetes, and soon watching her own mother succumb to pancreatic cancer, these were two life events which had a huge and devastating impact on Yvette Noel’s life. This gave her more drive to be a champion of change by sending a marketplace message to encourage others to take ownership of their lives and get in control of their health.

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Noel is the CEO and co-founder of U.DO.U, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a graduate of Saint Augustine’s University, Yvette obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. After working in corporate America for eight years as a IT business analyst, she pursued her dream of owning and operating a residential facility for troubled teenagers. In 2003, Noah’s Ark Residential Facility successfully opened and, now full-time, she was afforded the

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Source: Black Enterprise » Small Business