Unlock Your World-Class PotentialFrom learning valuable warehouse skills while working in his father’s carpet business, to enlisting in the Navy where he joined an experienced team receiving, storing and distributing the supplies needed for aircraft maintenance, Tom Stiveson has amassed a wealth of knowledge about supply chain management and logistics. In “Unlock Your World-Class Potential” he passes on his knowledge and tips to enable you to turn your facility into a fully functioning and world-class operation.

What is “Unlock Your World-Class Potential” About

The aim of “Unlock Your World-Class Potential” is to advise managers of the steps and procedures they can put in place to ensure that their facilities operate at optimum efficiency.

The idea of the book is for the manager to create a “playbook” which is built over a period of time. The playbook can then be used and referred to regularly so that nothing ever gets overlooked or forgotten in the running and maintenance of the specific facility.

From the author’s

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Source: Small Business Trends