hottest sellers on amazon

You would think that in 2015 – a year in which personal drones, so-called hover boards, autonomous cars and virtual reality were major hits – all the hottest sellers on Amazon would be making a killing selling the latest high-tech gadgets. But that wasn’t entirely the case.

Hottest Sellers on Amazon 2015

Amazon released details in its press release on how its holiday deals went and it turns out that some of its best sellers were a bit “old-fashioned.”

For instance, among the hottest sellers on Amazon were top-selling home audio products such as turntables while Sharpie fine point markers were among the top-selling products on Amazon Business.

Despite the changing habits of consumers in this digital age, some habits remain reassuringly traditional. The retailer says its hottest sellers on Amazon for toys at Christmas included some old-school favorite board games like Scrabble, Twister, Trivial Pursuit, Operation and Monopoly.

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