In the days and weeks immediately following Google’s removal of side ads, there was no shortage of speculation about what the impact of this change would be, with most digital pundits predicting ruinous effects. Todd Bairstow’s article in Street Fight, “Making Sense of Google’s Changes that Just Blew up Online Ads for Local Businesses,” declared: “There’s really no way to overstate what a massive change this is for everyone in the SEM industry.”

With a few weeks of empirical data, we now have a much clearer sense of how or if this change has affected local AdWords campaigns. At Yodle, we have seen a negligible effect on the performance metrics of the search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns we run on behalf of our local small business clients.

As Vice President of Yodle’s SEM Product and Performance team, I oversee the department that is responsible for building and optimizing the platform that manages tens of thousands of small business clients’ SEM campaigns. Here’s what we have

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Source: Street Fight