Like many other companies with location at their core, Yelp is in the process of morphing its fundamental offering into something more. The company is hoping its user reviews are just the groundwork for a more holistic service for merchants and customers alike. Meanwhile, advancements in mobile are taking local tech mainstream, giving companies and platforms of all shapes and sizes new capabilities — and new power.  The response by many long-established players in local has been to up the ante and take hold of more of the process of doing business. Yelp is already dominant in the “before” (discovery) and the “after” (reviews). It wants to take part in the “during,” too.

Chad Richard, Yelp’s SVP of business development, recently spoke to Street Fight about how he is aiming to accomplish this by guiding the company toward strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Richard, who will speak at Street Fight’s upcoming conference in San Francisco, caught up with us about Yelp’s evolution

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Source: Street Fight