Reviews have become a fundamental element of local search, and the argument that Google is using its dominance to bury results from reviews sites beneath its own content is at the core of an antitrust case brought against the company by the European Union. Local search in Europe is extraordinarily complicated, a tangle of rules that vary from country to country and present great barriers to entry, making the presence of a giant like Google all the more intimidating. 

Yelp has been vocal in its disapproval of Google’s handling of search results and is one of the complainants in the EU lawsuit. Street Fight recently caught up with Yelps head of EU public policy, Kostas Rossoglou (who will be a speaker at Street Fight’s upcoming LOCALCON conference in London on April 21st), about the specifics of the case and the particular challenges faced by European companies hoping to break into local markets.

How does regulation implemented by the EU affect Yelp?
There’s a lot of discussion in

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Source: Street Fight