No, the cloud isn’t going to kill Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU). But something’s happening – something big. It’s good news for many small businesses. But it may not be such great news for the software giant.

My company serves more than 600 small and medium sized businesses. And although we mostly implement customer relationship management systems our roots are in accounting and financial management software (I’m a certified public accountant). My client base is made up of mostly established companies – distributors, manufacturers, service providers. And most of them use older versions of QuickBooks which are installed on their servers. My clients are generally people not open to change unless that change is going to make them money – or they’re forced into it. However, during the next few years, it’s obvious that they’re all going to be changing their accounting software.

That’s because of the cloud. Software makers like Intuit are cutting back on their on premise development projects and

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