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In short order we’ve seen a share of local commerce move from brick-and-mortar to digital to mobile, as SMBs discovered new ways to take advantage of the variety of platforms promising efficiency in connecting small businesses with consumers. But always through some conduit (Yelp for example, or Uber) and less frequently direct. Less… business owner-to-consumer.

And that may now be changing. At least it will if Luis Molina gets his way.

Molina is CEO and founder of Fermat, which can be described collectively as a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, a component framework and an ecosystem of white-label P2P apps. Fermat aims to remove the middleman and allow customers and small businesses (or people offering services) to talk directly to one another and pay for services using the likes of Bitcoin.

Imagine an on-demand service that requires no proprietary app to engage — food delivery for instance. Just tap into the Fermat’s own app which opens a field of options including white-label tools

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