Businessman Holding a Newspaper in a Finance Area

With ad revenues migrating inexorably toward the giant digital platforms of Facebook and Google, local newspapers struggle to convince marketers they are an effective buy? But how do you outshout competitors who can assemble, in many demographic and behavioral shapes and sizes, an audience of well over a billion users? To tell their story more convincingly, the top four newspaper groups — Gannett, Tribune Publishing, McClatchy and Hearst — have formed the national network Nucleus Marketing Solutions.

In a Q&A with Street Fight yesterday, Seth Rogin, President and  CEO of NMS, talked about the new network’s combined proposition of quality editorial content and audience scale. In today’s follow-up, Christian Hendricks, the longtime leader of McClatchy’s digital operations who was recently promoted to VP of Products, Marketing and Promotion at the chain of 29 dailies, looks at NMS from the perspective of one of its four founding newspaper groups.

As the digital leader at McClatchy, you

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Source: Street Fight