Coffee Cup

For many of us, it’s vital to have a hot cup of coffee in our hands to start the day — and it’s equally important where we buy it. People are certainly loyal toward the particular type of coffee that they consume as part of their daily ritual.

Coffee giant Starbucks recently received a ton of backlash from customers after changing the mechanism of its My Starbucks Rewards program from frequency-based rewards to dollars spent. Once its new program is in effect, Starbucks will essentially assign more value on the carpooling soccer dad stopping in once to get Frappuccinos for his carload of kids than on the loyalist who visits every day.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s is now stepping up with a loyalty program of its own in an effort to retain loyal customers and potentially poach some of those that Starbucks has lost.

While this battle for breakfast unfolds, one thing is certain: the retailer that best uses technology to personalize the customer experience and address 100% of its customer base

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Source: Street Fight