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In 2014 an event took place that would forever change the retail world. Quietly and without great fanfare mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history. There are now approximately 6.8 billion mobile devices in use today and those mobile devices account for 30% of global internet traffic according to comScore.

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Mobile internet traffic: The big 3
In the wake of the mobile revolution three major players are dominating the consumer landscape. For mobile social media, Facebook is the undeniable leader with 1.58 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) with 823 million using mobile devices. Facebook is also providing location information to Instagram’s 400 million monthly active users. In this way, having locations on Facebook gives companies access to nearly 2 billion people a month.

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Meanwhile, the mobile search engine of choice is without a doubt Google with over 90% of searches being conducted there.

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Finally while it may be surprising to some, Foursquare has

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