Pushpin on map

Google continues to remind businesses that location data is the foundation of their brands. The question is whether your business is taking advantage of the opportunities Google is creating to use location data to build your brand. Two recent developments from Google, (the Version 3 API update and the launch of Google Assistant) along with an improved version of Apple’s Siri together make a case in point.

Google Version 3 API
One of the most significant developments from the Version 3 API update is that Google gave businesses the ability to add a deeper layer of location information, or attributes. The ability to add attributes is important. Attributes form one half of your location data asset. The other half consists of a more foundational layer of data known as identities. It’s up to you to unleash that asset properly so that people can find you throughout the digital world when they conduct near me searches.

I’ve been immersed in identities and attributes for many years, going

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