texting food orders

The power lunch, a fast bite at a local eatery perhaps with business acquaintances has become a staple of business culture. But now, it seems that even power lunches may not be convenient enough and a new solution is being cooked up to get a convenient lunch without interrupting work and important business.

Startups have now come up with a twist by having customers text their food orders for office delivery. Texting food orders is a seemingly simple concept, and one that isn’t entirely new. But a few added wrinkles has made it even more efficient for customers.

Texting Food Orders: How Do They Do It?

For example, a New York startup called “Arcade” has made the ordering process simpler by forgoing menu selection completely. Arcade hand-curates dishes from some of the best restaurants in New York City, a place already well-known for its diversity in cuisine. The company then offers an SMS service wherein registered users receive a notice every day at 10 a.m. what the lunch of the day

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Source: Small Business Trends