target interactive video epic 360 halloween

Halloween is almost here and with it is the likely onslaught of marketing aimed at converting customers in a way that stands out but is still in keeping with the season.

This year, Target is celebrating Halloween with a series of YouTube interactive videos and a mobile app that helps trick-or-treaters’ parents find the best houses.

Last year, the retailer ran an Instagram campaign — Halloween Hills — for the holiday. But this year, Target decided to use a channel from which customers receive inspiration for making costumes, decorations and recipes.

The YouTube series of videos called the “The House on Hallow Hill” was created in-house and includes six videos that use 360-degree technology.

The interactive video kicks off with a typical suburban trick-or-treating evening including costume-wearing kids chattering and running around the streets in excitement. The focus quickly shifts to a creepy-looking mansion — The House on Hallow Hill. A raven apparently steals your phone and you

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Source: Small Business Trends