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As the media industry spins further away from the long-established familiarity of print models, its companies — large and small, old and new, hyperlocal and international — are hurrying to implement a plan for long-term sustainability. Three organizations with creative solutions spoke on a panel at Street Fight’s LOCALCON in London last week about their strategies for keeping legacy media profitable. Axel Springer’s Head of Data Innovation, Jana Moser, was joined onstage by Ross Webster, The Weather Company’s EMEA Managing Director, and Trinity Mirror’s Director of New Businesses, Matthew Colebourne, in a talk moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s EMEA Audience Development Editor, Sarah Marshall.

According to Moser, Axel Springer, which generates $600 million in revenue per year (60 percent of which comes from digital), has found success in investing in companies that excel at embracing and creating new models. The German company, which recently purchased Business Insider

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Source: Street Fight