what is a gif

Ah, the GIF. We’ve all seen them. They populate the Internet on blogs and social media, and are part of what makes news and entertainment sites like Buzzfeed very popular.

A GIF (with the file extension, .gif) is basically an image file format that is animated by combining several other images or frames into a single file. This single file is encoded as graphics interchange format (better known as GIF). Unlike the JPEG image format (.jpg), GIFs typically use a compression algorithm referred to as LZW encoding that does not degrade the image quality and allows for easy storing of the file in bytes.

The multiple images within a single GIF file are displayed in succession to create an animated clip or a short movie. By default, animated GIFs display the sequence of images only once, stopping when the last image or frame is displayed, although it can also loop endlessly or stop after a few sequences.

And when GIF was in its infancy, this is basically what we did with it. Enter dancing

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