This article is in response to Chris Caliz’s recent TechCrunch piece, which distills and demystifies the general landscape of restaurant tech. It’s a dizzying ecosystem that deserves more analysis and attention, and I appreciate that Chris took the time and effort to address it.

Before jumping in with my thoughts to Chris’s post, it’s worth spending a few words on my background: a bizarre combination of restauranteur-by-blood and tech entrepreneur. My family has owned and operated Avatar’s, a small chain of healthy Indian fusion joints in Marin County for nearly 30 years (they are consistently the highest rated places on Yelp in their respective towns); I am also am a Director at Dabba, a soon-to-launch Indian fast casual chain and food truck. Now for the tech side: I founded the Yelp of India, burrp!, which became as ubiquitous in its 4 year run before being acquired by the country’s largest publicly traded media company, Network 18. Soon after, I joined FreeCharge as their COO

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