saveoursharecounts twitter share counts missing

Twitter has removed share counts across the board. That’s the number that tells readers of your websites how many times a link has been shared to the social site.

The Twitter share counts have been gone since Nov. 20 but reactions — mostly negative — are still filtering in. And those who are upset are using Twitter, of course, to express their frustrations. You can find many of those reactions under the hashtag: #SaveOurShareCounts

Hating Twitter a little today after losing share count on my blog on Friday! Still don’t understand why. #SaveOurShareCounts
— Rick Ramos (@ricktramos) November 23, 2015

The decision means that plugins you may use on your website to display social share buttons will no longer reflect the amount of times a particular link has been shared on the social site. It also means that plugin developers who have built the Twitter share count into their product will have to scramble for a solution.

To get this kind of data, Twitter users will now have to go

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