Safe Email Encryption for Business

Do you ever get the sneaking suspicion your email isn’t as secure as it could be? For the everyday, you probably don’t give email security much thought. But when sending confidential information and business files extra protection may be a good idea.  

What this boils down to is sometimes you just need a little more security.

That’s the idea behind’s new email encryption service. Called Secure Mail with Guard Encryption, the new service is provided through’s affiliated brand Network Solutions.

This video shows more about how the process works:

“While regular email is secure enough for everyday communications, small business owners often need the added security of email encryption,” stated Jason Teichman, executive vice president and chief operating officer of in a company release. “Guard Encryption provides an added layer of security that will let our customers send and/or store their private or confidential communications and files with confidence.”

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Source: Small Business Trends