lean business planningI want to tell you about this book. But I’m afraid that when you see the words “Lean Business Planning” you’ll get scared and stop reading. Maybe you’ll think, “Ugh, another book about business planning telling me that I should have one and showing me how easy it is.”

Maybe you’ve got a business planning process that works and you’re not interested. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t have a business plan because you think it’s complicated and you don’t have time to write a 200 page document that’s going to sit on a shelf or on your hard drive. I get it. And you should know, dear reader, that I would never take the time to read and write about a book that you won’t benefit from. Never. So keep reading.

What is “Lean Business Planning” About?

Lean Business Planning: Get What You Want From Your Business” by Tim Berry (also a contributor at Small Business Trends) is a whole different kind of business planning book. It’s easy to read, understand and follow through on. At 148 pages, the book

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Source: Small Business Trends