writing gig john hunt publishing

If you’re a writer looking for a way to publish your next business book, you might be interested in an opportunity with JHP Business Books, part of the John Hunt Publishing Company.

Currently, JHP Business Books is looking for proposals from business authors who can provide a unique perspective on topics like marketing, management, finance, leadership, motivation and more.

How To Submit Content To John Hunt Publishing

Interested writers can submit ideas on JHP’s online portal. The publisher provides a New Book Inquiry page where you can add information about your book, such as the chapter list, estimated word count, unique selling points and marketing opportunities, along with at least three chapters. The more specific and unique your idea is, the better the chances of it moving forward.

Sarah-Beth Watkins, publicist for John Hunt Publishing, said in an email to Small Business Trends, “When they submit a proposal, they do so on a book details page and this needs to be filled in as

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Source: Small Business Trends