closeup of red funnel isolated on a white background

The concept of the marketing funnel has been with us since the early twentieth century, and remains a useful tool for understanding the path by which consumers interact with businesses. According to the funnel metaphor, customers travel in stages from awareness to purchase, the funnel getting narrower at each stage as some customers drop off and do not move to the next stage. In order to get a sufficient number of customers to purchase your products, you must attract a greater pool of customers at each preceding stage in the funnel.

There are many competing versions of the sequence of stages in the marketing funnel, but one of the oldest and simplest is called AIDAS, an acronym which stands for Awareness (or Attention), Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction. The AIDAS model dates at least to 1925 when the concept was promoted in Edward Strong’s The Psychology of Selling and Advertising, and its basic principles apply just as well today as they did a century ago. (You might know

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