Beacon data provider Unacast has announced a new partnership with mobile advertising and marketing platform Opera Mediaworks that will allow advertisers to segment and retarget consumers based on what places they have recently visited. The partnership potentially represents a shift from the GPS data that advertisers have previously relied upon for recent location ( which only works when users are outdoors and actively using their mobile devices) and toward more granular beacon data in profile creation and retargeting.

The partnership gives Opera Mediaworks clients access to Unacast’s “real-world indentity” profiles that are created from the aggregated beacon data of its 43 partners — and it potentially allows advertisers to make their messages more timely and more personalized to the user. While beacons have been used largely to target consumers with in-store messaging, opening up their data to marketers is a little like having a “real-world cookie”— allowing them to develop an

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Source: Street Fight