Beacon and proximity data company Unacast announced today that ad industry veteran Chris Cunningham, formerly the Vice President of Revenue for ironSource, is joining the company as chief revenue officer. Cunningham will help formulate a strategy for Unacast to monetize all of the data it aggregates from beacons and sensors.

“No one has solved creating the physical world cookie, a true and accurate identity as relates to an individual and a behavior,” Cunningham told Street Fight. “Up until today, Unacast has been entirely focused on the supply side. Now there’s an opportunity to really understand the data the company is sitting on, and what the commercial opportunities are as that data relates to consumers and brands.”

Cunningham had been an advisor to Unacast, which launched at SXSW last year, for about five months. The Oslo, Norway-based company partnered with Reveal Mobile just last week to tackle the complexities of bridging online and offline by targeting consumers in the real

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Source: Street Fight