tweet binder

The value of customer insight has always been appreciated by companies, but until recent technological developments, data availability was limited to the larger enterprises.

Thanks to smartphones, social media and big data, all of the interactions people have now can be analyzed to deliver actionable insights to improve your business. And even if you are a small company, you can realistically use these valuable insights to effectively compete with organizations that are much bigger.

Tweet Binder provides one such service by turning tweets into a goldmine of information. And the company just announced it has added Instagram Insights to its platform to deliver similar data from the popular image driven platform too.

As it applies to Twitter, the company uses what it calls “Binders” to tag tweets based on content. When you create a Binder, any tweets containing the defined terms you have assigned will be tagged automatically with the name of that Binder. By the way, this can be applied

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Source: Small Business Trends