To-Do List Tips boost productivity

There are times when everyone wishes that there were more hours in a day. Instead of wasting energy on wishing, it’s time to get proactive in learning how to create an efficient schedule. These easy to-do list tips will boost workplace productivity so that business owners and professionals are able to get the most out of every single moment of each day.

Productivity Jumps with a Detailed 90-Day To-Do List

The first task is to get organized. Write out a detailed to-do list for everything that needs to get accomplished within the next 90 days even if the projects are unrelated. Putting these ideas down on paper helps clarify the necessary steps of a project, frees up clutter in the brain and reinforces the commitment to the goal.

The next step is to identify broad categories based on clients, projects or looming deadlines. Move on to breaking the categories up into more manageable tasks that support the overall goal. The more detailed the list, the less likely important steps will be

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Source: Small Business Trends