While many remember Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victory speech for Chris Christie’s vacant expression standing alongside the GOP frontrunner on stage, the big story for me was the sign on the podium. It contained the candidate’s name, as they all do, but with the notable addition of instructions for joining the campaign via text message. If you look carefully, you’ll notice this addition is on all of the 2016 candidates’ signs.

This is a remarkable development because never before has joining a political campaign been easier. Interested people can now join a national movement by typing 10 keys on their cellphone and pressing “send.”

The 2016 election will be remembered for many things and foremost among them is the emergence of text message marketing. Text messaging has become an essential tool in running a political campaign and every candidate now uses SMS/MMS to get the word out about upcoming appearances, stump positions, news blurbs and donation pleas.

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