Yellow pages

When the Yellow Pages directory came out once a year, if your business’ phone number was printed incorrectly, you were screwed. It was the same with local business listings on the internet, except that instead of one or two books, there were thousands of websites carrying your bad data. Even when you fixed your phone number, there was a good chance that a few months later it would get unfixed by some mysterious algorithm. To top things off, in 2008, some SEO types proclaimed that citations were the new link, meaning that having consistent — or inconsistent — NAP (name, address and phone number) data across relevant local listing sites could significantly affect a business’ Google rankings. All of this added up to a serious headache for multi-location brands and a serious opportunity for solutions providers that could bring some order to the free business listings chaos.

Pre-2012, the only way to solve the business listings data problem was to try to claim and update as many business

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Source: Street Fight