the entrepreneur within you 3The Entrepreneur Within You 3” curated by Julie M. Holloway (@tewyou) is a real-life exploration of the heart of entrepreneurship. What compels a person to invest their time, money, and resources into something that may not earn them money?

The book shares the answers from 21 real-life entrepreneurs who built their businesses from the idea up.

“The Entrepreneur Within You 3” shares the kind of stories that inspire the “I don’t know any angel investors” crowd. These are the people who have a business idea, but need to tap more inspiration to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Mission

The mission of “The Entrepreneur Within You 3” as discussed in the Introduction is two-fold:

  1. To show the realities of entrepreneurship through realistic and practical advice, and
  2. To motivate, inspire, and support entrepreneurs through personal stories.

The book achieves that mission by allowing a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs to share their “business origin stories” in their own voices

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Source: Small Business Trends