digital transformation playbook book reviewBusiness books nowadays focus on the shiny new startup, brilliantly creating digital products or services on one hand while handling social media like a breeze with the other.

This extreme focus on the media’s darling leaves out the established business. So what are companies that existed before the rise of social media to do?

The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age” is the guide for the often-neglected businesses that fall into that category.

What “The Digital Transformation Playbook” is About

When most business publications mention the winner in the “Blockbuster versus Netflix” battle, they focus exclusively on Netflix. Many do not focus on what Blockbuster could have done to proactively respond back.

That’s where David Rogers’ book “The Digital Transformation Playbook” comes in. His book was written for companies that fall into Blockbuster’s category (businesses in the established phase). They can, and should, make use of digital tools to

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Source: Small Business Trends