Digital technology abstract background

Like most people I know, I assume different personas depending on where I am and what I am doing. When I’m out with my family watching a Cubs baseball game on a Saturday afternoon, I’m in “Family Mode.” But if I am hosting a client at a Cubs game on a Wednesday evening, I’m in “Professional Mode.”

The advertisers that try to reach out to me when I’m in Professional Mode need to understand that I’m going to be open to different products than when I’m in Family Mode. When I’m with my kids, I am thinking cotton candy during the 7th-inning stretch. When I’m with my clients, the cotton-candy vendor isn’t getting any of my attention. But I wonder how many marketers understand the dynamic nature of my persona? The question, I think, points to the complicated nature of contextual marketing at a local level.

Contextual marketing is all about tailoring content to someone based on their changing circumstances. The idea behind contextual marketing makes a lot of sense: the Starbucks app should

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