The consumer path to purchase typically depends on the vertical. Some purchases by their nature are more impulsive, while others require thought and research. Typically, one chooses a restaurant or a coffee shop based on immediate need and convenience, whereas choosing a new washer and dryer might require lots of preplanning. For this reason, restaurant searches are popular on mobile, while appliances are more commonly researched on tablets or laptops.

Around the holidays though, everything changes a bit. With gift lists to manage and special events to plan for, consumers tend to spend a lot more time on multiple devices, finding just the right restaurant for a holiday get-together and just the right toy or gift for a loved one. It’s safe to assume that search traffic on all devices around all types of products and services, even those that require less consideration at other times of year, soon will be increasing significantly.

One might imagine a canonical path for the holiday

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Source: Street Fight