woodrow wilson

Think about when you go to a networking event. Everyone is primed and ready with their routine, polished, standard and canned 30-second commercial. They are so routine that nobody listens to them anymore. They are totally ineffective.

Moreover, calling them a 30-second pitch, or 30-second commercial, really says this is your opportunity to sell to somebody. Yuck! That’s not the point of networking at all! So what’s the point of doing them?

I submit we should stop.

We should stop calling them commercials and pitches. We should stop the overly processed robotic statement. What we should really be doing is introducing ourselves. The point is to start a dialog with someone by telling them who we are. Think about it this way. If you were with family and they asked what you are doing these days, you would just tell them. You wouldn’t (hopefully) give them your smooth, practiced and memorized schpiel.

We need to change this thing up. We need to stop doing the 30-second pitch.

I’m not

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Source: Small Business Trends