Brick-and-mortar retailers are feeling the pinch as consumers shift more of their spending to online channels. As e-commerce outlets celebrate the Census Bureau’s recent retail sales report, showing a 15% jump in online sales in the first quarter, brands with physical locations are stuck in the awkward position of trying to get shoppers off their computers and into their stores.

Pushing back against a shifting tide and changing consumer behavior won’t be easy, but executives at in-store digital marketing technology provider Swirl believe they can change the way consumers shop. They say the key will be arming physical retailers with the same datasets as e-commerce giants. The company recently released a “Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform,” which allows physical retailers to leverage first-party shopper behavioral data based on location signals.

These location signals — collected through GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth beacons — are a key feature in Swirl’s new platform, and

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Source: Street Fight