Local Business - Marketing Concept for Small Business

More and more small and medium-sized businesses understand the importance of digital, and are upping their marketing game — even though they still don’t have a clear understanding of the ROI of various channels.

According to Thrive Analytics’ recently released Local Pulse Report, 42% of SMBs are planning to boost their local marketing budgets throughout the year, up from 35% in 2015. Key areas of focus are mobile marketing, (49%, up from 34%), online display (44%, up from 33%), paid search (44%, up from 33%).

One “interesting paradox” here, says the firm’s managing partner Jason Peaslee, is that only 26% of SMBs use technology to measure the marketing performance of these channels.

So why are so many of these businesses increasing spend on something they are not certain is working?

“Most [SMBs say that] they measure performance by asking the customers where they found them (59%), and yet when we ask why they are changing marketing methods [such as] decreasing budgets, poor program

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Source: Street Fight