StructuredWeb is a channel marketing platform primarily serving large manufacturers and software companies, helping them sell locally. Prior to founding StructuredWeb in 1999, president and CEO Daniel Nissan worked at two companies — VocalTec and NetGrocer — that were at the forefront of bringing now-fundamental technologies to the local space. Nissan spoke with Street Fight about what makes local B2B marketing distinct.

What are some of the defining characteristics of B2B marketing right now, and how do they differ from B2C?
The major and most dramatic difference is in the nature of the buying cycle. The consumer space is more promotion-driven — you bring people into the store and have a transaction that typically happens very quickly. In B2B, it depends on both the product and the value of the transaction. If it’s a transaction for $5,000, that’s quite different than a transaction for $300,000 or $3 million. Channel partners, when you sell through resellers in the B2B space, face

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Source: Street Fight