Local Marketing Options

In a recent survey of brand marketing executives conducted by Street Fight, nearly half of those  who responded said they spend 1/3 or more of their digital marketing dollars to support their branch offices, franchises, and distributors — and 40% of them expect that budget mix to increase. But outside of email marketing, these enterprise brands are struggling to make digital as effective as traditional tactics and media. Technology integration and conflicting analytics tools are among the more prominent headaches.

To help suppliers of marketing and advertising technologies and services better meet the needs of these big customers, Street Fight ran the online survey in January and February. We polled managers and decision makers at over 200 medium-to-large companies that market locally. Over one-quarter of the respondents had corporate revenue of over $2 billion, and a third were supporting more than 500 stores or partners, with a mix of retail, financial services, and other

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Source: Street Fight