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FCC Drops the Hammer on Verizon Over ‘Supercookie’ Usage (The Next Web)
Verizon has been using a so-called “supercookie” to track users and sell information to outside advertising partners. Now the FCC is levying a $1.35 million fine and requiring Verizon to offer consumers the ability to opt out of its various tracking programs. The supercookie — called the Unique Identifier Header — had tracked users in secret for two years.

Founder of 4chan Joins Google, Presumably to Work on Google+ (Ars Technica)
Chris Poole, the founder of controversial anonymous message board 4chan, has joined Google. Poole didn’t explicitly say which part of Google he’ll be working with, but he did mention “building online communities,” which suggests he’s joining the Google+ team. Bradley Horowitz, the head of Google+, also announced Poole’s hiring.

Booker Acquires Frederick, Expands Marketing Automation for

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