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Uber Begins Letting Passengers Schedule Rides Up to 30 Days in Advance (Mashable)
Following Lyft’s lead, Uber on Thursday began rolling out a new option for passengers to schedule rides up to 30 days ahead of time, marking a departure from the traditional on-demand model of requesting a ride at the moment you need one. The option is currently available for riders in Seattle with plans to expand to markets globally, according to a blog post from the company.

Verizon Might Have to Pay for More Pieces of Yahoo Than It Wants (Business Insider)
Verizon’s $3.5 billion bid for Yahoo’s core internet business is in the lower price range and is considered a “laggard” compared to other bids that exceeded $5 billion in total. Unlike some of the other bids, Verizon’s bid does not include Yahoo’s patents or real-estate property, each of which is estimated to be worth an additional $1 billion.


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