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With Relaunch, Jelly Makes Another Run at Q&A-Style ‘Social Search’ (Search Engine Land)
With a pledge to bring “humanity” back to search, Jelly has launched again, following a refresh and work under the hood. The idea at the heart of Jelly is that people can do a better job of answering questions than a search engine. Despite the logic and coherence of this thesis, nobody has pulled it off.

How Foursquare Knew Before Almost Anyone How Bad Things Were for Chipotle (Washington Post)
Foursquare turned smartphone data into predictions on Chipotle sales that matched those of Wall Street analysts with far more experience in projecting the successes of businesses. “This is a glimpse into fundamental things that could change around how we do predictions of earnings and profits for public-traded companies,” said Josh Sullivan, a Booz Allen Hamilton SVP.

What Designing an ‘OS for Restaurants&rsquo

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