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Reserve Acquires Mobile Payments Startup Dash (TechCrunch)
Restaurant reservation startup Reserve has acquired mobile payments company Dash. The Reserve app already handles payments, but with Dash’s technology it will be able to integrate with various point-of-sale systems. Reserve highlighted Dash’s innovative use of data in the announcement of the acquisition, citing Dash’s “Venue Vibe” feature, which helps users understand what to expect at different locations.

U.S. Shoppers Save Big-Ticket Online Purchases for Desktop (Quartz)
American consumers now do a majority — 60 percent — of their online shopping on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The bulk of online spending, however, still happens on desktop.

Automating Local Commerce: Rise of the Chatbots (Street Fight)
Michael Boland: Bots could displace apps just as apps displaced search. “Search started with consumers

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Source: Street Fight