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Go Daddy Launches Cloud Solutions for SMBs (Street Fight)
Go Daddy has launched two new products, Cloud Servers and Cloud Applications. Both are engineered to help a web professional quickly build, test, and scale cloud solutions.

Google Is Gradually Turning Mobile Search Into an App-Like Experience (Screenwerk)
Greg Sterling: Google typically acts in self-interested ways, though it often presents its choices in terms of broader market benefits. I see Google trying to straddle the web-app divide by continuing to organize mobile web content, but providing more “answers” and a more immersive experience that is increasingly app-like. These are survival moves by Google to adapt to a fickle and rapidly changing consumer market.

CrowdSignals Aims to Create a Marketplace for Smartphone Sensor Data (New York Times)
Sensor data from smartphones lags behind as a fuel source for major research

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Source: Street Fight