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Angie’s List to Drop Paywall for a Freemium Model (TechCrunch)
While continuing to reject acquisition offers, Angie’s List is taking a big step to boost its online audience: It will drop membership fees in favor of a freemium model, making it cost nothing to browse listings and write reviews. The new pricing structure — which has yet to be revealed, but will include extra services to be charged beyond basic browsing — will be implemented this summer.

It’s Amazon Echo’s World; Alphabet’s Nest Just Lives in It (Recode)
Nest has announced new Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV integrations. While this is proof that Nest can tack on critical partners in an emerging market, it may be a silent signal of defeat. That’s because Nest, which Google bought for $3.2 billion two years ago, is vying to become the central hub for every smart thing in the home. But so is Amazon. The Atlantic: Amazon edges

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