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Street Culture is a feature where we take a closer look at the office culture and people at some of the most dynamic startups in the hyperlocal industry.

Company founders repeat this all the time: to make your startup idea work, find a gap in an industry and aim to disrupt it.

Co-founders of the alcohol delivery startup Thirstie saw a gap in the wine, beer, and spirits industry, which is comprised mainly of independent local stores. Thirstie is disrupting it with a concept driven by a New York City-based staff of 14 full-time employees. Offering the corner liquor store an easy way to deliver locally was the initial disruption, but Thirstie saw an additional opportunity: engaging customers with interesting, readable content about booze.

With slightly more than $2 million in investment, Thirstie is connecting with customers via an editorial section on the app, featuring articles about craft cocktails, alcohol and food pairings, liquor reviews, and even features on local bars and

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Source: Street Fight