“Don’t get stuck in traffic.”

At SpotHero, that phrase is thrown around often – sometimes a reminder between coworkers to take a breath, other times an opportunity to ask for some help when the workday “traffic” gets overwhelming.

SpotHero, an on-demand app that helps drivers find parking spots, is at a turning point in its growth. Headquartered in Chicago, the company grew from 35 employees to 75 in 2015, and is currently hiring for about 20 positions. The company is anticipating employee needs and is working to stay ahead of the curve in creating policies that will keep everyone engaged and the business moving forward.

Elissa Beckman, head of talent and HR at SpotHero, started at the company in September 2015 after being enticed by the co-founders.

“All the conversations I had [during the interview process] were very real, and that, to me, speaks of a place I want to be,” she said. “A good culture, I can kind of sniff it out. They were very honest about things they want to work on

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Source: Street Fight