For brands whose operations are on the move and spread across multiple locations, the pressure on managers to communicate with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees can be intense. Not all companies assign email addresses to hourly employees, a practice that effectively cuts those worker bees off from the pulse of the organization, and relies on managers to be the only link.

“Think about it,” said Michael Berman, vice president of Beekeeper North America, a Zürich-based firm that enables real-time connections. “Getting information out to hourly employees is not easy. They’re not connected via email; they come in for their shifts, clock in, clock out, and leave. They’re not connected to the organization the same way a knowledge-based or salaried employee would be.”

Beekeeper’s internal communications software platform connects all employees using a concept like a social media feed. Employees can download an app to use on their smartphones, use the web-based program, or view

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Source: Street Fight