Instacart office

Instacart entered 2015 with about 95 employees. It’s on track to end 2015 with around 400 employees.

Instacart just opened a new office in Minneapolis in September, making the Twin Cities the 18th location where the company’s grocery shopping and delivery services are offered. Order volume has been increasing three to four percent week-over-week for about the last year and the company hopes some current projects will stimulate that growth even more.

Mathew Caldwell, vice president of people at Instacart, said one of the things that made him most excited to be joining the company about one year ago was how its values were reflected in the culture.

“I interviewed last summer, and during the interview I found out they had already defined founding core values,” Caldwell said. “There were maybe 60 employees at the time. Having defined core values, values they want to foster, at that stage is unique. It’s because they are so passionate about making sure culture is one of most important

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Source: Street Fight