Like many startups, Seattle-based location sharing tech company Glympse relies heavily on employees to be efficient outside of their comfort zones. Co-founder and CEO Bryan Trussel says that he hopes Glympse is a fun and challenging place to work, and he believes empowering employees is one way to make sure that happens.

“They have to be empowered,” Trussel said. “We have to do so much with so few people. We want them to exercise different muscles and do things not only in their areas of expertise, but also extend into areas that maybe they haven’t been exposed to in the past.”

Glympse’s launch in May 2009 may have been from a basement office, but today the company employs more than 30 people in a new office space on Capitol Hill in Seattle. As a reminder of the hard work put in during the past seven years, Trussel still uses a desk he made out of a giant cardboard box one day, when the company ran out of desks for new employees.

“When we moved to our first real office space, I

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